GAWD-UH doesn’t want you to have healthcare!

12 Apr

So says Rick Santorum. Via Pharyngulya (and a combined hat tip and “We’re not worthy!”)…The Evil that Is HealthCare.

I’m just going to re-quote what PZ Myers did, as it is appropriately mind-boggling, and I want you to go read his entry, ’cause really, he covers things far better than I would:

“Think about how they view you,” he told the crowd of Republicans. “They view you no different than the drug dealer views the little kid in the school yard. They want to get you hooked, they want to get you dependent. They want to get you relying upon them for your wellbeing. And once they’ve satisfied you, giving them that drug, that narcotic, then you’ll be reliant on them and, by the way, you’ll also be less than what God created you to be.”

So according to Santorum, the kind and compassionate God of the New Testament would prefer me dead of an asthma attack because I can’t afford asthma meds out of pocket, than to have the government mandate that I can access treatment and medication.




One Response to “GAWD-UH doesn’t want you to have healthcare!”

  1. Vandy Young April 12, 2011 at 3:08 PM #

    Love the way the always invoke god. Clearly might makes right.

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