Florida Blue Cross Says, We Won’t Pay Psychiatrists

14 Mar

Wow, don’t know how I could’ve missed this gem…but it’s a perfect example of what happens when a platinum insurance company decides that it needs a second private jet, or something:

In early August, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida sent letters to all of its Florida psychiatrists and other providers under the category of  “mental health”,  advising them that they would be terminated without cause.


BCBS has said that it is offering coverage through New Directions, which is a managed-care corporation in Kansas, in which Blue Cross/Blue Shield owns the majority of the stock.


This will adversely affect everyone in Florida whose insurance provider is Blue Cross/Blue Shield and who is a patient of a psychiatrist or any other mental-health provider or who be in the future.


The article then goes on to break down the out-of-pocket costs for a BCBSF member who would see a psychiatrist who is now “out of network”. They aren’t cheap.

Yet another shitty way for the Blues to treat their members, just so they can save some cash on the books. Nice way for an alleged non-profit to behave. 

The Florida Psychiatric Society has information about the situation on its splash screen. If you are an affected Blue Cross policyholder, do complete the survey. The only way there will be any change to BCBSF’s policy is if the medical society can  make its case. Link is here.




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